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Meet Jackson Taylor Blues Company

Jackson Taylor is an experienced blues-rock musician based out of the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey. Jackson Taylor Blues Company specializes in rockin, high energy blues tunes inspired by greats like BB King, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Walter Trout, Joe Bonamassa - with modern renditions of well known blues tunes and original material, JTBc brings strong passion and emotion into their performances. Jazz, Funk and Rock nuances gives them their own unique sound, and brings fun to any stage.

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Jackson Taylor Lee


Jackson's passion for entertaining has always shown as a major part of his personality. His musicianship began at a young age as a member of his grandparents theater program, where he learned to sing. He then picked up a guitar at age 9, from inspiration in his grandfather (Jack Jeckot *bio below*). He furthered his training as a part of his high school band and in drum and bugle corps hornlines.

Many other inspirations struck him throughout the years. Such as, Eddie Van Halen and John Petrucci, but it was when he discovered blues legends like BB King, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa, that Jackson felt connected with the blues and began to pursue the genre.

After many experiences playing on the road with Walter Trout, Jackson was committed, and knew what he wanted to do with his life. Chasing this passion has always been a dream.

Eric Scirrotto


Eric grew up surrounded by music thanks to his father, Fran, who often enjoyed 70's rock and 90's grunge throughout the house after work. In his teens, he started exploring many more genres of music. Eric was a bass guitarist for HS Symphonic Band class, and a dedicated percussionist in the drumline of the marching ensembles; also where he instructed students after graduation. During this time he developed his musicianship - and met Jackson and Josh.

His largest influences include many like David Gilmour and John Mayer. One day, he came across Stevie Ray Vaughan's album, Texas Flood. That's when the switch flipped. The blues caused a rush of emotions Eric had not felt before.


Josh Myers


Josh grew up inspired by the music being played around him by his father, Bruce. He began his own musical explorations at nine years old as a saxophonist in his school concert band, as well as in his HS marching band - where he met Jackson and Eric.

At age 14, Josh saved for his first bass, and channeled strong inspirations from Geddy Lee (Rush), Chris Squire (Yes), and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Josh’s childhood friend Jude played drums and shared a music taste with him, and they always played their favorite songs together. After branching out and exploring new music, he discovered great bassists like Victor Wooten and Joe Dart (Vulfpeck) both inspiring him to take a leap of faith and give music all he's got.

Josh is thrilled to be out playing and entertaining crowds. He is the groove of JTB.

Jack Jeckot


Jack was born in Albany, New York. At the age of 8 his family moved to South Jersey where he still resides today with his wife, Christine. He credits his grandmother’s piano playing and his grandfather’s banjo strumming as his first musical influences, then Ray Charles, The Beatles and other 60’s influences. As a teen, Jack became proficient playing rock-and-roll and blues piano. Since the 7th grade Jack has played guitar, piano, organ, brass and sang lead in several rock groups including Wilmont Mews which started the career of the great blues guitar virtuoso, Walter Trout.

Jack attended West Chester University and majored in Music Education. During his teaching years in Mt. Laurel, NJ, Jack and Christine directed a middle school theater program, while also performing with The BB Jackson Band. Jack and Christine created, composed, produced and directed 15 original stage musicals. Now after 40 years, Jack is retired from teaching and is back to being a full-time musician.

Since May of 2013, Jack has been touring with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Richie Furay of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Souther-Hillman-Furay Band. When back in Jersey, Jack really enjoys playing keys with his grandson (Jackson) and JTBc.


John Bogansky


John Bogansky is a drummer, keyboardist and producer from Philadelphia, PA. John was born with a pair of sticks in his hands, started tapping on pots and pans at 2 years old and got his first drum kit at 4. His first tutor and inspiration was his dad, who also plays drums, and introduced him to many different types of music. Throughout high school, he started playing piano and started experimenting with producing different types of funk/jazz/hip-hop music.

John is currently playing with numerous Philly artists, and attends jam sessions every night around Philly and New Jersey, trying to make his dream career of being a touring drummer possible. He’s also enjoyed filmmaking since he was young and makes online music videos to supplement his music, and performs an electronic solo show.

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